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San Valero Foundation

Fundación San Valero

It is a non-profit organization with more than 50 years of experience specialized in the training ambit and the expert professional qualification linked to employment and enterprises. It is the founder of the first private university in the Aragon region and promoter of the Institute of Environment.

Amongst its priorities, it highlights the innovation applied to Environment by means of expert qualification and validation of new environmental technologies through its Centre of Technological Applications in collaboration with more than 500 enterprises and institutions in Aragon.

This entity, recognized by the regional government of Aragón as „of social interest”, trains above 3.000 people per year. It develops different innovation projects in collaboration with public and private entities at national and international level, stressing its actions in the field of Environment and the renewable energies.

At international level, it has coordinated different innovation projects in the environmental area, underlining the two Life projects, which results have been effectively transferred to other activity sectors and territories and local legislation and regional resulted to be change for the benefit of the Environment.

As essential distinguishing elements, it highlights the results valorisation after the end of both projects, providing free technical assistance to favour the effective transfer of innovation; the costs of those developments were devoted to its social budget. Some examples are the web sites disseminating the projects results above 5 years after the project’s end or the participation in events of international dimension.

Awarded with various national and international recognitions by the quality results of the projects developed. It is a pioneering entity in promoting gradual approaches towards EMAS and it is certified in ISO9.000 and ISO14.000.

Montesnegros Irrigators Community

Comunidad de Regantes Montesnegros

The Montesnegros Irrigators Community is a public right corporation regulated by the Spanish Water Legislation belonging to the hydrologic planning organism of the Ebro River Basin. Its main objectives are the water management and provision for irrigation uses.

It was founded in 1995. It monitors the irrigation of a 3.600-hectare extension and it brings together 247 members. Its dissemination scope reaches over 6.000 European Irrigation Communities.

It is part of the Alto Aragon Community that belongs to the National Federation of the Irrigation Community (FENACORE), key aspect to promote the transfer of the model to be validated during the project development. Its dissemination impact is really high, since it is currently active within the national plan of irrigation.

It belongs to the Ebro River Hydrographical Confederation and it meets 4 municipalities.

It gives technical assistance to its members and it is one of the highest irrigation communities in Spain due to its dimensioning.

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Environment Park S.P.A., Scientific and Technologic Park for the Environment

Fundación San Valero

A joint initiative of Piemonte Region, City of Torino and European Union, Environment Park is an innovative experience in the European context of Science and Technology Parks because it matches technological research and eco-efficiency.

The Park’s mission is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with advanced solutions and innovative technologies in the fields of Energy and the environment, through partnerships, special projects, specific training activities and the organisation of thematic events in the field of renewable energies, green building and plasma based technologies.

Main activities:

Renewable energies: Technology transfer, implementation and in-field application of biomasses, photovoltaic, hydro power technologies.

Among the different activity sectors of the Park, hydrogen and fuel cell technology play a preeminent role with the development of HySy-Lab (Hydrogen System Laboratory), which is now a centre of excellence for Hydrogen technology, supporting enterprises in the deployment of the technologies and acting as an ideal complementary actor working together with research institutions. Bio energy Lab is a pilot plant for the production of hydrogen and biogas through dark anaerobic fermentation.

Green building: the observatory promotes environment sustainable construction by cooperating with public and private entities in the carrying out of architectural projects of high environmental quality, in participating in EU research programmes, in the drafting of municipal regulations to encourage the adopting of environment and in defining evaluation systems for the environmental energy certification.

Integrated environmental projects: observatory for the diffusion to firms and to local authorities of environmental management and clean technologies; the activity includes the implementation of management systems and their application in many contexts. The observatory has also a strong experience in water management and recovery.

CleaNTLab: laboratory for plasma-based surface treatment with low environmental impact nanotechnologies

Directorate-General of Environmental Quality and Water of the Government of La Rioja

Dirección General de Calidad Ambiental y Agua del Gobierno de La Rioja

Regional public authority with specific water-related and environmental quality competencies. Amongst others, its activities and objectives are:

Improvement of quality water and elaboration, coordination and monitoring of water treatment and management.

Development of studies and proposals in hydrologic matter to define water uses and needs at regional level in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja.

Elaboration of projects, direction and execution of hydraulic works at regional level.

Hydraulic planning in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and of actions to minimize environmental impacts in cooperation with the national authorities in hydrologic planning matter.

It is participation in the organism of hydrologic river basin planning.

It promotes the development of pilot actions and innovation projects aimed at efficient water management and programmes for sectorial and citizenship awareness.

It has regulating competencies at regional level, which can improve water management models and energy.

The awareness of society and the encouragement of citizen’s participation in environmental matters, spreading the environmental policy, assessment, management and monitoring of air quality, and the study, coordination and action derived from or related to climate change.

The waste management, contaminated soils, improvement and maintenance of air quality and reduction of pollutants emissions into the atmosphere as well as assessment and environmental impact statement of plans, programmes, projects, activities or facilities and verification compliance of the subject of the statement.

The coordination and promotion of environment and sustainable development integration into sectorial policies and Agenda 21.

Inspection, monitoring and control of regulations on environmental protection.

Sociedad Aragonesa de Gestión Agroambiental (SARGA)

Sociedad  Aragonesa de Gestión Agroambiental

Aragonese Society of Agri-Environmental Management (SARGA) is a public company of the Government of Aragon specialized in the execution and management of all types of public infrastructure and provision of agri-environmental services for sustainable development in the Autonomous Region.

The company, which began in October 2012, emerges from the merger of two public entities of the Government of Aragon: Sirasa (Aragonese Society of Rural Infrastructures) and SODEMASA (Environmental Development Society), specialized in the field of agriculture and environment respectively. Thus, SARGA unifies the management of both services in favour of a greater efficiency and effectiveness.

 The company offers services in the following activity areas:

  • Cattle services: transport and collection of animal carcasses, animal welfare, agri-food audits.

  • Agricultural services: industrialization and marketing of agricultural products and by-products, administration and management of farms and agricultural centres, prevention and control of pests and plant and animal diseases.

  • Environmental services: protection and management of forests and natural protected areas, comprehensive waste management, management and operation of economic activities related to the environment.

  • Forestry services: forests fire prevention and fire fighting.   

  • Infrastructures: execution of infrastructure works at local, provincial or regional level, preparation of studies, plans, projects and reports and execution of any actions related to the water cycle.

Although the main customers of the company are located in the Autonomous Region of Aragon, SARGA works also for other customers outside the Autonomous Region and collaborates on different projects with partners from across the European Union. Thus, the company has developed important R&D+I projects that have allowed them to become a reference at a national and European level on some subjects, such as the fight against the zebra mussel in irrigation installations and manure management.

SARGA has an extensive experience in the EFQM model of business excellence, having achieved the stamp EFQM 500+ prior to the merger, turning into the first public company of Autonomic Region scope to achieve it, and the second Aragonese company including the private sector. SARGA is accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) as Inspection Entity in different scopes within the agri-food sector and has a highly qualified team that can develop projects with efficiency, effectiveness and economic viability criteria.

Europe, Innovationa and Development (EID)

Europa Innovación y Desarrollo, S.L.

Company specialized in technical assistance and processes evaluation of technological innovation, energy efficiency, water management and environmental improvement, at an international level.

It collaborates with companies, institutions and public bodies in planning, diagnosis, monitoring, dissemination and assessment of processes and resutls forf international projects, in its area of specialization.

It has experience in the field of definition and monitoring of environmental indicators, efficiency ratios and evaluation of processes and results in the framework of various European Programmes (LIFE, IEE, LdV, amongst others).

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